New Umarex Legends M3A1 “Grease Gun”

Here we have the third forthcoming Umarex 4.5mm/.177” replica of a historic firearm. This time, it is the M3A1 submachine gun which joins the existing Legends submachine gun range of the M1A1 Thompson and the German MP40.

The M3 was one of the longest-serving US machine guns, being first introduced in 1942 and remaining in service in some places until the mid-1990s. It is a relatively simple stamped and welded metal design that was much cheaper and faster to produce than the M1A1. In US service it quickly gained the nickname “grease gun” because of its visual similarity to the stamped metal grease guns then widely used in auto shops.

The Umarex version is mostly metal and features both full auto and semi modes (unlike the original which was full auto only), a collapsible wire stock and iron peep sights. It weighs in at a meaty 7.65lbs and features a detachable magazine that holds two 12g CO2 cartridges and up to 30 steel, 4.5mm BBs.

It is claimed to fire at an astounding 1,000 rpm (the original could barely manage 400rpm) which means you’ll be able to shoot a whole magazine worth of BBs in under 2 seconds! Claimed power is over 400fps. This replica looks like another great addition to the growing Legends range. I don’t have release information on this one, but it certainly seems possible that it will also be available from early 2022.

I have no information on precisely what it will cost outside the US. Until I know more, here’s a link to the M3A1 on the Umarex USA website where it’s listed at $219.99:

New Umarex S&W Model 29

Another rather nice-looking new CO2 replica from Umarex. This time, it’s a replica of the Smith and Wesson Model 29 from 1957, made famous by a certain “Dirty” Harry Callahan as “the most powerful handgun in the world.”

This replica is available in three barrel lengths: 83/8”, 6½” and 3”. At least, I think it is: The Umarex USA site claims 83/8”, 5” and 3.” Whatever, this looks rather nice. It appears to be a good visual replica of the Model 29 and it has a fully revolving, swing-out cylinder so functionality looks good too.

This version shoots 4.5mm BBs only, but I would guess that perhaps we’ll see a pellet shooting version soon. Finish look very good indeed on both polished alloy and black, and the black version in particular looks like a convincing representation of blued steel.

These are weighty, all-metal replicas – the longest version weighs a wrist-trembling 2.63lbs (1193g). The only thing I’m not so sure about are those hollow plastic grips. Will these look like wood? Will they make this revolver feel unbalanced? We’ll have to wait to find out.

For a time it seemed that the only new replicas coming out of Umarex were additional Glocks, so it’s great to see some new replicas of historic handguns. I’m certainly looking forward to this one!

I have no information about when this will be available outside the US or what it will cost. Here’s a link to the Model 29 replica on the website

New Umarex Ruger MK IV replica

It seems that Umarex have produced a new single shot, break barrel, similar to the existing Buck Mark URX. This time, it’s a replica of the Ruger Mk IV target pistol.

Construction looks similar to the Buck Mark URX and this also seems to have a similar weight of around 1.35lbs (610g). It shoots only .177” pellets and has a claimed fps of 360.

It seems to have a 5.3” (135mm) rifled barrel and is provided with an adjustable rear sight and both front and rear sights have fibre-optic inserts. It appears that the manual safety is operational but all the other controls are moulded in place.

I’m excited about this one! The Ruger is a classic pistol and a .177 version would be great. My only reservation is the trigger. On my Buck Mark URX, out of the box, the trigger was too heavy for accurate shooting. If this has a better trigger, this could be one to look out for.

The only problem is that, although I spotted this for sale on the Pyramid Air site in the US (for $50), this replica doesn’t currently appear on either the Umarex or Umarex USA sites. I have emailed the nice people at Umarex to ask if it will be available in Europe and elsewhere, but so far, they haven’t replied.   

Let’s hope it’s on the way…  


Umarex tell me that this replica is currently available only in the US but that it should be available in Europe from “the beginning of 2022.” No information is currently available on price, though I’d expect this to be similar to the price of the existing Buck Mark URX.

In the meantime, here’s a link to a review of this replica in Hard Air Magazine, though it claims that overall weight is over 3lbs (which I don’t think is right) and there is no mention of how light or heavy the trigger is.

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