Have a replica you want reviewed here?

I am happy to accept replica air and airsoft pistols for review. I cannot promise a high-scoring review for any replica, but I do guarantee a fair, objective and thorough assessment which will include a large number of high quality photographs and a link to the manufacturers’, distributors’ or suppliers’ web site. If I receive a replica for review which appears to have a significant fault or defect, I will always contact the supplier to discuss repair or replacement before posting a review.

This site is focussed on replicas which are modeled on the appearance and function of cartridge firing handguns. For this reason, CO2 or gas powered blowback semi-auto and functional revolver replicas are most often covered. Reviews assesses each replica in terms of:

  • Visual accuracy
  • Functional accuracy
  • Shooting
  • Quality and Reliability
  • Overall Impression

Scores are assigned in each category and an overall score is provided. Reviews also include a history of the firearm on which the replica is based, information about the manufacturer and a conclusion which summarises the reviewers reaction to that replica. Reviews focus on the use of replicas for target shooting at 6m range. The suitability of replicas for airsoft skirmishing is not specifically covered.

For more information about reviews and about the Pistol Place, please contact me on: stevemac357@gmail.com

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