Pistol review policy

This site was created in response to my frustration in not being able to find on-line independent and objective reviews of replica air pistols.  Most on-line reviews seem to be created by companies who also sell air pistols and in fairness, you can’t expect them to say anything negative that might prevent a sale.  So just to be clear – other than selling off one of my own pistols occasionally when my collection gets too big, I don’t sell air guns or replica pistols of any type and I make no money from this site.  It’s provided as a free resource for replica pistol enthusiasts.

Each review provides some background and history on the original weapon on which the replica is based, as well as any relevant history for the replica.  All pistols are reviewed and scored in following areas:

Packaging and Presentation: Does it comes in a plastic pack, a card box or a hard case? Does it come with spares, extras or tools? /5

Visual accuracy: How closely the replica resembles the original: /10

Functional accuracy: How closely the operation of the replica matches the original: /15

Shooting: Power, accuracy, function: /40

Quality and reliability: What’s it made of?  How well is it finished?  Any problems during the test?  Any known problems? :/15

Overall Impression:  OK, I admit, this bit is subjective.  How good does it feel to handle and use?  /15

The final score given to each replica is a total of the scores in all sections.  The highest scores go to replicas which look and function like the originals in addition to shooting well.  I have owned and enjoyed a number of replica air pistols for several years but I don’t claim to be an expert or an authority on any firearm or replica pistol.  The reviews here are generally based on my experience with a single example of each pistol with any additional information I have from other owners.

If you disagree, or you think I have been unfair to your favourite replica, post a comment or let me know.  Better still, write your own alternative review and I’ll post it up.  Guest reviews of any pistols not covered here (or replica pistol related articles on any topic) are also always welcome – if you’re interested in doing a review, drop me an e-mail (you’ll find it on the Contact page) and I’ll send you the review template.

Of course, I’m also very happy to be sent or loaned replica pistols or associated equipment for review and I will provide acknowledgement and a link to a relevant web site(s) where appropriate. However, just to be clear, the main aim of this site is to provide accurate, objective and fair reviews. If any item is provided for review which I consider to have faults or drawbacks, the review will note this. If the fault is repairable, I will contact the supplier to discuss this before the review is published.

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