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Stuff about replicas that doesn’t fit anywhere else, in no particular order.

A Beginner’s Guide to Replica Guns

Do you fancy giving this hobby a try but you’re not sure where to start? This is just for you…

The Mindful Shooter: Zen and the Art of Replica Pistols


Having trouble getting tight groups? Maybe you need to follow the Zen Way of the Pistol. No, really…

The COVID Backyard Shootout


Which is the most accurate for backyard shooting – pellet, steel BB or Airsoft? The answer may surprise you…

Shooting in Thailand

Pistol Place contributor Adrian lives in Thailand. And he shoots…

A short history of handguns from 145,991 B.C. to 2260 A.D.


Lots of movies and television shows claim to show what the handguns of the future (and distant past) look like. Perhaps unsuprisingly, most of them look a lot like modified versions of current guns…

Replica guns in movies and television


Replica guns, particularly airsoft replicas, are increasingly being used in films and television.  Have you spotted any yet?

What makes a great replica pistol?

Accurate shooting? Visual accuracy?  Good weight? All these things?

Which is the best replica pistol?

If you had to choose just one replica, which would it be?

Which is the best replica pistol? Part 2

Continuing the search for the best replica…

Luger replicas


There have been a number of replicas of this iconic German handgun over the years, but are any of them actually worth having?

Replicas vs firearms

If you own real firearms, you don’t need replicas.  Or maybe you do…  Ryan from the US explains why.

Why I like replica air pistols (and most people don’t)

Feeling picked-on because you like replicas?  Me too!

The Five Best Gun Movies


Or maybe it should be “Five of the best movies with guns in them.”  You decide.

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