Let me say up front that I don’t sell replica pistols or anything else. If you want to buy replicas, there are lots of sites that will be very happy to help. This site is provided purely as a source of unbiased information for people interested in learning more about this hobby.

Are you interested in Airsoft and replica air pistols but irritated by uncritical and unhelpful reviews written by people who are trying to sell you something?  Then you’re in the right place!  The Pistol Place provides independent, objective and unbiased reviews that tell you what you actually need to know.  I like replicas which actually shoot, so the site doesn’t cover blank firing or inert replicas.  Most of the replicas covered here are powered by CO2 or gas, though I do occasionaly also cover spring powered replicas.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have owned and shot a large number of replica pistols and I have a background in engineering which helps me to understand how they’re put together.  The Pistol Place is purely a hobby – I don’t receive payment in any form from this site and I have no affiliation to any manufacturer or distributor.  Though if anyone wants to provide a replica pistol for review, I’d be happy to talk about that.

This site also provides articles on maintaining, repairing, restoring and safely using replica pistols and general chat about our hobby.

Comments are welcome.  So are reviews, using the criteria listed on the “Pistol review policy” page.

Pistol Review Policy


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Decided to return to my old hobby of Replica Co2 Air Pistols after a 2 year break.
    This site is a breath of fresh air, un biased and informative reviews AS THEY SHOULD BE…….many thanks for your time and effort.

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