2021 in review

My 2021 was pretty quiet in terms of new replicas, though I did plenty of backyard target shooting with my existing collection. Partly this was due to a desire to stay in my house and avoid COVID. This time last year, COVID and the problems and restrictions it brought were already beginning to feel rather old. Who would have guessed that after another twelve months, it would still be having such an impact on our lives?

Anyway, I only purchased one new replica pistol this year, but happily it was a rather nice one: The Umarex Legends Parabellum-Pistole P.08 turned out to be a cracking replica of the iconic Luger and not a bad shooter, too.

Though I couldn’t resist painting the grips on this replica to make them look a little more like wood. Which, IMHO, made a nice replica look even better.

I also rediscovered AEGs this year, beginning with the Umarex H&K G36C IDZ. It’s an entry-level AEG with relatively low power, but it does have electric blowback. And it was way more fun than I had expected.

Mine is now sporting a vertical fore-grip and a Swiss Arms red-dot sight, both of which add to the experience of shooting.

But the replica I have had most fun with this year is one that I picked up in a sorry state for just €20, the King Arms M4A1. I used to refurbish a fair number of replicas, but this is the first one I had taken on for a while.

When I bought it, it was held together with yards of insulating tape and I didn’t even know if it would work. After not a lot of work and very little outlay, I ended up with a replica that’s visually accurate, has good weight and is just lots of fun to shoot.

My plans for next year? Well, I’d like a decent revolver replica. And that new Umarex S&W  Model 29 looks rather good. I also rather like the look of the new Umarex Ruger MK IV, though I wonder if the trigger is better than that on the similar Browning URX? And if I see another battered AEG for sale, well, I won’t be ignoring that either.

What are your plans for 2022? Is there a particular replica you intend to add to your collection next year?

Anyway, I’d like to wish all readers of the Pistol Place a happy, prosperous and healthy 2022 that involves lots of happy shooting. And let’s hope that this time next year, we won’t still be talking about bloody COVID…

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