New Swiss Arms 18th Century Pirate Flintlock

I really like replicas of historic handguns, but this one may be going a little far even for me. This appears to be a soon to be released 4.5mm, CO2-powered replica of a flintlock pistol!

It’s made by Swiss Arms and is claimed to be an “authentic replica of an 18th century pirate flintlock pistol“. It’s powered by a CO2 cartridge hidden inside the butt under the pirate’s head butt-cap, it’s over 16 inches long and it weighs a meaty 2.6lbs, though I assume that the wood butt and frame are actually plastic.

Operation sounds novel. It comes with an imitation leather holder for BBs. You remove the loading rod below the muzzle and use the holder to pour up to 30 BBs into the concealed loading tube. Then, each time you cock the hammer, a BB is queued up in the breech. It’s single action only and shoots steel BBs at a slightly worrying 415fps.

That’s worrying because, just like the original, this has no form of sights. You point it in the general direction of what you’re trying to hit and pull the trigger. Good luck with those ricochets – just make sure you wear good eye protection or you may end up wearing one of those pirate-style eyepatches for real!

This replica will be available in two versions, with plain steel and a more ornate gold finish to the metalwork. It even comes with instructions in the form of a rolled parchment! There is no word on whether a treasure map and parrot are also included.

If you fancy trying a Yo-Ho-Ho vibe in your replica shooting, this should be available from the end of October 2021.

In the meantime, here’s a link to this replica on the US Pyramydair site:

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