Colouring brass inner barrels

A quick update to my Umarex Walther PPQ M2 review…

Regular readers (hello to you both!), may recall that I didn’t particularly like the very visible brass inner barrel on the PPQ M2, which slightly spoils what is otherwise a pretty decent looking replica. I had it in mind that I would try to make this a little less obtrusive, probably by painting it. However, painting brass can be tricky. Enamel and acrylic paints don’t stick very well to brass, tending to flake off. Folk who work with brass and need to mark it often use permanent marker pens. These pens apply a very fine layer of colour which is designed to be good at sticking to non-porous surfaces such as metal. So, it occurred to me that I might be able to use a permanent marker pen as a quick and easy means of covering up the brass inner barrel on my PPQ.


Nice replica. Nasty, shiny brass inner barrel.

Finding a pen is easy, there are lots about and they’re very cheap. My wife is a teacher and has a large selection of pens, so I didn’t have to search very far. But you do need to find a permanent marker – non-permanent versions are water soluble, and will likely rub off as you handle the gun. Once you have your pen, remove the outer and inner barrels from the slide. There is no need to remove the inner barrel – it projects far enough out of the front of the barrel to be accessible. Then, use the pen to carefully draw over the brass. It will take several coats, leaving it to dry for a few minutes between coats. I did four coats, and I was surprised at how dense, black and glossy the result was.

ppqpen2Minutes later – done!

Overall this is a very quick, very easy and very cheap job. It requires very little preparation and dries in minutes. It’s much easier than faffing about with paint and it really does tone down the glare from the brass barrel, making the pistol look (in my opinion) much better. It could be used to colour any exposed metal on a replica and if it goes horribly wrong, or you just don’t like the result, acetone (nail varnish remover – just ask your wife/girlfriend/sister/mother) will quickly remove all traces of marker.


The result. Better? I think so.

Will the colour flake off the first time I shoot the PPQ M2? Will my wife discover that I have been illicitly using her precious marker pen for gun stuff? Will I change my mind and end up painting it anyway? Anything is possible! Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode…

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