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Are you looking for objective, unbiased reviews of replica air and airsoft pistols? Then you’re in the right place – the Pistol Place! I don’t sell replicas or anything else and I have no association with any manufacturer so I’m happy to tell it as I see it. I’m pretty experienced with replica air guns and if I think a replica is good, I’ll tell you that. If I think it isn’t, I’ll tell you that too. Either way, you get the real story, not a sales pitch.

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ASG STI Duty One

Nice replica, shame about the trigger… The ASG STI Duty One is a fairly typical product from Danish distributor ASG – it’s well made, well finished and a good replica of the original pistol.  However, it does have a couple of idiosyncrasies which you need to bear in mind if you’re thinking of buying one. … Continue reading

How to make your BB shooting replica more accurate

I like BB shooting replicas.  The use of BBs makes it possible to replicate the function of semi-auto firearms more accurately than is possible in replicas that shoot pellets.  However, I find it frustrating that so few BB replicas shoot well.  One of the first replicas I owned was a Tanfoglio Witness, and I loved … Continue reading

Umarex Legends MP40 First Impressions

Pistol Place reader R-Gun Pete got an Umarex MP40 on Father’s Day. Lucky man – I got another ecard! But, what did he think of it? The Umarex Legends MP40 was released in Canada in early June and my BB machine gun arrived just in time for Father’s Day. After opening the box and admiring … Continue reading

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