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2021 in review

My 2021 was pretty quiet in terms of new replicas, though I did plenty of backyard target shooting with my existing collection. Partly this was due to a desire to stay in my house and avoid COVID. This time last year, COVID and the problems and restrictions it brought were already beginning to feel rather … Continue reading

A beginner’s guide to replica guns

I know from messages I receive and from chatting with folk that there are people out there who are interested in replica guns but are confused about what this hobby involves. That’s what this article is about: it’s a beginner’s guide to the world of replica guns. I know that one of the problems for … Continue reading

Refurbishing a €20 AEG – Part 2

Having worked out what I have bought and fixed the loose stock, it’s time to try to work out why my €20 AEG won’t shoot. It didn’t come with batteries, but when I tried fitting the battery pack from my Umarex G36C, nothing happened when I pulled the trigger. The 7.4v Umarex battery is less … Continue reading

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